Our billing policy

We are a private billing practice and all accounts, with the exception of those for eligible pensioners, are payable in full on the day of the consultation. Duchess Medical Practice and Duchess Medical @ Vasse share a patient database.


The minimum payment to be made by pensioners on the day of consultation is the gap amount. Pensioners who hold and present an "Aged Pensioner Entitlement card" receive concessional accounts.

All patients should present with their Medicare cards.

Accounts can be paid with either cash, cheque, Eftpos or any major credit card.

Children up to and including 12 year olds are bulk billed for standard consultations.


We can electronically transmit your Medicare claim on the day of your consultation through our new TYRO Eftpos / Medicare Easy claims machine. Refunds are deposited back into your bank account within 11 seconds. Patients can pay using their credit card, but refunds can only be deposited back into savings and cheque accounts when using TYRO.

If you only have a credit card, your refund will be send as previously via Medicare online. If you've supplied your bank details to Medicare for refunds, your rebate is normally paid electronically into your bank within 48 hours.

Cancellation policy

If you no longer require your appointment or wish to reschedule we would appreciate the earliest possible notification so we are able to offer the appointment to someone else. 
Please phone 9752 4122 for cancellations at Duchess St and 9755 8750 for Vasse.

COVID19 Update

General Practice has changed in the last months to help contain the spread of COVID-19, many of our usual practices have changed for the protection of our patients and healthcare workers. These changes have brought about the introduction of a number of new ways of managing our daily practices.

Screening of our patients both over the phone and on attendance is occurring to maintain the highest level of care we can offer in a safe environment. Patients requiring attendance to an appointment are still able to be offered a face to face consult and be assured that our surgery has been maintained as a safe environment.

Telehealth appointments are being offered for consultations this is appropriate for, this is to protect our vulnerable patients and reduce the number of people entering the surgery unnecessarily. Medicare have introduced several item numbers to make this bulk billed for the majority of patients. Flu Clinics are underway and we have already provided a large number of vaccinations to the most at risk patients in our community.

Duchess Medical Practice will continue to provide the same high level of care we always have, please keep up to date with changes both here on our website and Facebook page.

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