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We love hearing about your travel plans, although we do get a little envious in the depths of Winter. For some destinations a little planning can prevent illness ruining your trip. Travel insurance is recommended. Wherever you are going - make sure your routine immunisations are up to date.

Pack an adequate supply of any regular medications. Take a list of your medications and ideally have some in your carry on luggage in case your luggage were to be mislaid.

For destinations in Asia , Africa or South America there are some additional precautions to consider. These include vaccination against Hepatitis A and Typhoid fever and medication to prevent malaria.

Using insect repellent and wearing long sleeves at dawn and dusk prevents other mosquito borne diseases such as Dengue , for which we do not have a preventative medication.

Do not forget to take care with food and drink, including ice to prevent diarrhoeal diseases. For parts of Africa and South America it is compulsory to have a valid Yellow Fever vaccination certificate and Duchess Medical Practice is a WHO appointed Yellow Fever Vaccination centre. The certificate is valid for life.

For the adventurous considering trips to Nepal , Kilimanjaro or Machu Picchu in Peru it is necessary to take medication to prevent Altitude Sickness. Such medication is safe and effective. Rabies vaccination is usually only needed for those who will be working with animals but is worth considering for some remote locations.

For more specific information please make an appointment with your doctor. If you can bring your detailed itinerary to your appointment this will be very useful.

A great deal of useful information regarding staying safe when travelling can be found at the Australian government's Smart traveller website and at the Centre for Disease Control

Centre for Disease Control    Smart Traveller

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